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Cyprus 35 Years Later: What is Needed for a Solution?

Book coverSpecial Offer!

Purchase two copies for your U.S. Representative and get one FREE.

We encourage you to donate copies of Cyprus 35 Years Later: What is Needed for a Solution? to your elected Representatives in Congress. It is an important volume and it is extremely important that each of the 435 Representatives receive two copies of this book—one for the member and another for his/her Legislative Assistant. If you do not know your Representative we will assist you to identifying him/her.

This 160 page volume includes the papers presented at two seminars marking Turkey’s 1974 invasion and occupation of Cyprus which were sponsored by the AHIF and held in Washington, DC. The papers include:

  • Cyprus and the Obama Administration: Good News and Bad News by Ted Galen Carpenter, Ph. D.
  • Cyprus 35 Years Later: What is Needed for a Solution? Political Action by Eugene T. Rossides
  • Cyprus 35 Years Later by Amb. Andreas Kakouris
  • Exclusive Economic Zone: A New Dispute in the Cyprus Issue? by Nicholas Karambelas
  • The “Cyprus Issue”: Now Urgent, After 35 Years by Gregory R. Copley
  • Decision-making Authority Is in Ankara; U.S., E.U. Have Roles to Play by Ted Galen Carpenter, Ph. D.
  • How Do Positive Steps Translate to a Solution? by Doug Bandow
  • Cyprus Is A U.S. Foreign Policy Failure by Eugene T. Rossides
  • Solution for the Cypriots and by the Cypriots by Amb. Andreas Kakouris
  • Reflections by Dr. John Brademas
  • Remarks made in the House and Senate in July 2008 and 2009 commemorating Turkey’s invasion and occupation of Cyprus.

Special Offer: Purchase 2 copies of the book to be sent to your US Representative on your behalf (one copy for your Representative and a second to his Legislative Assistant) and we will mail to you a third copy free of charge. A copy of the transmittal letter to the Representative will be also mailed to you.

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