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Kissinger & Cyprus: A Study in Lawlessness
February 20, 2014—No. 10 (202) 785-8430

AHIF Announces Its Newest Publication

Kissinger & Cyprus: A Study in Lawlessness

By Gene Rossides

  DVD CoverKissinger & Cyprus: A Study in Lawlessness
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WASHINGTON, DC. — The American Hellenic Institute Foundation (AHIF) is pleased to announce its newest publication, Kissinger & Cyprus: A Study in Lawlessness by Gene Rossides and a Foreword by Professor Louis Galambos, Johns Hopkins University, and Editor of The Papers of Dwight David EisenhowerThis book explores four themes. The first is Kissinger's illegal actions and responsibility for the Cyprus tragedy of 1974 and its aftermath. The second is Cyprus’s importance as a strategic, economic, and political asset to Europe and the United States. The third theme is Turkey's actions as a rogue state, its violations of United States and international laws, its history of unreliability as an ally and its moves towards Islamic fundamentalism. The fourth theme is the vital importance to the United States of absolute allegiance to the rule of law. The concluding chapter discusses the need for the United States to redress the situation in Cyprus by pressuring Turkey to withdraw its troops and settlers from Cyprus.

The State Department ignores the role played by Kissinger in Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus in 1974 and fails to acknowledge that the Cyprus crisis would have been avoided had Kissinger followed the policy recommendations put forth by the career foreign service officials, Thomas Boyatt and his colleagues, in 1974.

The author hopes that this volume will generate renewed interest in the Cyprus problem, the importance of the rule of law in U.S. foreign policy and the responsibility of the United States to redress the situation in Cyprus.

About the author:

Gene Rossides served as Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury from 1969 to 1973, during the first term of the Nixon Administration. Henry Kissinger was National Security Adviser during this time. Rossides supervised the U.S. Customs Service, Secret Service, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. He served as the U.S. representative to INTERPOL. From 1958 to 1961, he served in the Eisenhower Administration and is a founding director of the Eisenhower Institute. He graduated from Columbia College and Columbia Law School.

Book jacket comments:

“Henry Kissinger can run, but he can't hide--at least from Gene Rossides. The indefatigable Rossides is determined to hold the former secretary of state responsible for supporting Turkey in its invasion of Cyprus, and the consequences which live on four decades later.” Doug Bandow, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute, Washington, D.C.

“Kissinger & Cyprus: A Study in Lawlessness is a disturbing indictment of the gap that sometimes exists between Washington’s professed commitment to international law and the actual behavior of U.S. officials. In the aftermath of Turkey’s invasion and conquest of northern Cyprus in 1974, not only did the U.S. government fail to punish the rogue behavior of its NATO ally, U.S. policy makers served as enablers for that act of aggression. Four decades later, the division of Cyprus remains an ongoing tragedy. Gene Rossides presents a compelling indictment of an especially shameful episode in America’s foreign policy.” Ted Galen Carpenter, Senior Fellow in Defense and Foreign Policy Studies, Cato Institute, Washington, D.C.

“Gene Rossides shows that his decades of research, and his magisterial and highly readable legal case, have not been wasted. His study highlights how, with Kissinger’s actions, policies of expedience and secretiveness at the expense of allies do not make for good long-term strategies for the United States. Rossides’ exposure of Kissinger shows the problem of policymaking done without the benefit of debate. What we need now are more people with the rigor and passion of Gene Rossides to highlight the similarly destructive outcome of today’s distorted and secretive policymaking toward the Eastern Mediterranean and Asia-Minor.” Gregory R. Copley, President of the International Strategic Studies Association, Washington, D.C.

From the Foreword:

“The author does not do an academic fairy dance around the legal and moral dilemmas created when the United States condoned Turkey’s brutal exercise of power in Cyprus. Rossides leaves no doubt in the reader’s mind that Kissinger’s policies traded America’s legal and moral position for a short-term political gain. Even the gain, he notes, was questionable. Meanwhile, the policies violated American law and flaunted international law. The destruction of property was significant. Forced ethnic removal took place with America’s tacit approval, as did the introduction of a foreign population to the island. American arms were involved in the entire process in a specific violation of American law.” Professor Louis Galambos, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

Kissinger & Cyprus: A Study in Lawlessness by Gene Rossides is in hard cover, 250 pages including a map of Cyprus, an eight-page photo insert and a seven-page insert of Pat Oliphant cartoons. The book sells for $24 plus $5 for postage and handling. American Hellenic Institute members receive a 25% discount ($18 plus $5 postage per book). ISBN: 978-1-889247-08-3.

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See below to read the Contents, Foreword and Introduction.
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