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AHI Noon Forum Commemorates the Anniversary of OXI Day with Guest Speaker Gregory C. Pappas, Publisher of Greek America Magazine
November 11, 2008—No. 73 (202) 785-8430

AHI Noon Forum Commemorates the Anniversary of OXI Day with Guest Speaker Gregory C. Pappas, Publisher of Greek America Magazine

WASHINGTON, DC—On October 28, 2008, the American Hellenic Institute hosted a Noon Forum at the Hellenic House commemorating the anniversary of OXI Day, featuring guest speaker Gregory C. Pappas, publisher of Greek America Magazine.

The topic of the presentation was OXI Day and the Importance of Preserving Our History and Legacy. He began his presentation with a history of the events leading up to OXI Day. How on October 28, 1940 Greece’s Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas refused to surrender to Mussolini’s Italian fascist government. And consequently Greece’s courageous defiance played a pivotal role in the eventual victory of the Allied Forces in World War II. During the presentation, Mr. Pappas referenced quotes from a November 11, 1940 edition of TIME magazine to demonstrate the hope that Greece’s actions had re-instilled around the world that read, “Despite this apparently overwhelming disparity, the Greeks chose to fight. Ancient valor was reborn.” Mr. Pappas also told personal family stories about his father who lived in Crete the day the Nazi army parachuted onto the island. Other aspects of the presentation entailed stories about how on specific occasions some Greeks had hid and assisted the Greek Jewish population living in Greece during a time of occupation.

Gregory C. Pappas is the founder of Cosmos Communications Group Inc., the company that publishes Greek America Magazine. His company also deals with corporate planning, media relations, and event planning throughout the world. He serves at a money management firm, Calamos Investments, as a Public Advisor to Chairman and CEO John P. Calamos Sr. Also, he has executive produced and co-executive produced many major international events and concerts featuring multi-platinum Greek singer Glykeria. Other note-worthy concerts include the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in Tel Aviv, Sunday of Orthodoxy in Istanbul, and a concert for the Bishop’s Task Force on AIDS in Chicago. Mr. Pappas serves on the executive board of directors of the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation. He is a native to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh.

A highlight of his presentation was an exhibit displaying a collection of propaganda posters from the Greek War Relief Association. The posters are a part of the bigger traveling exhibition entitled “Defenders of Democracy: The US Response to Greece's Role in World War II.”

“OXI Day is very important to remember because without the Greek defeat of Mussolini’s Army the outcome of WWII could have been drastically different. Greece was the first European nation to have overcome the Nazi War Machine and change Hitler’s strategy,” said AHI Executive Director Nick Larigakis.

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Mr. Gregory C. Pappas holding a letter from the Allied Supreme Commander of the Mediterranean theater to his grandmother thanking her for the role she played in helping allied forces during WWII.


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