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Past Issues

Volume 7, Spring 2016


Editorial Forward
By Dan Georgakas

The UN Mediation on Cyprus Rejects the Outcome of the 2004 Referendum
By Van Coufoudakis

Governmental and Parliamentary Recognition of the Genocides of the Armenians, Assyrians and Hellenes
By Panayiotis Diamadis

The Great Fire: Prologue
By Lou Ureneck

The Japanese at Smyrna: September 1922
By Stavros T. Stavridis

Greek America: The Next Fifty Years
By Dan Georgakas

Teaching “Greek American Culture”
By Vassilis Lambropoulos


Why Should Greeks Study Greek-American History?
By Kristen Pitou

Recapturing the Spirt of Hellenism
By Elias Gerasoulis

Cultivating Hellenism in Greek American Youth
By Antonis Mikalis


Greek Americans: Struggle and Success by Peter C. Moskos and Charles C. Moskos
Reviewed by Elaine Thomopoulos

Cypriot Cinemas: Memory, Conflict, and Identity in the Margins of Europe edited by Costas Constandinides and Yiannis Papadakis
Reviewed by Vicki James Yiannias

Atatürk in the Nazi Imagination by Stefan Ihrig
Reviewed by Steven Bowman


Volume 6, Spring 2015


Introduction to Essays and Contributors
By Dan Georgakas

Vice President Biden’s Trip to Cyprus: A Lost Opportunity?
By Seth Cropsey and George Papadopoulos

The Expanding Strategic Significance of Souda Bay
By Harry Dinella

The Un-mixing of Peoples: The 1923 Treaty of Lausanne and Nation-Building in the Ottoman Empire and Beyond
By Alexandra Karambelas

Kapodistrias and the Making of Modern Europe and Modern
By Patrick Theros

Greeks in Ukraine: From Ancient to Modern Times
By Svitlana Arabadzhy


Never on Sunday: Retail Therapy Not the Answer to Greece’s Woes
By Corinne Candilis

Technology, Art, Orthodoxy and Hellenism
By Konstantine Buhler

Art, Politics, and Ethnic Identity
By Konstantina M. Karageorgos

Dialogos Radio: A Dialogue with my Hellenic Heritage
By Michael Nevradakis


Hidden Genocides: Power, Knowledge, Memory edited by Alexander Laban Hinton, Thomas La Pointe, and Douglas Irvin-Erickson
Reviewed by Constantine G. Hatzidimitriou

The Balkan Prospect: Identity, Culture, and Politics in Greece after 1989 by Vangelis Calotychos
Reviewed by Andronikos Falangas

Volume 5, Spring 2014


Editorial Foreword (68.5KB PDF)
By Dan Georgakas

Kissinger’s Encouragement of Turkey’s Aggression in Cyprus (67.4KB PDF)
By Gene Rossides

Clash of Eagles with Two Heads: Epirus in the 21st Century (237KB PDF)
By Panayiotis Diamadis

The Greek Elections of 2012: The Impact of Closed and Open Electoral Systems on Female Candidates (126.9KB PDF)
By Aletha Vassilakis

The Fulbright Programs and the Future of Hellenism in America (59.9KB PDF)
By Artemis Zenetou

Emerging Voices of Greek America (140.4KB PDF)
Annamarie Buonocore, Anna Tsiotsias, Georgea Polizos, and Peter Hasiakos

Institutional Governance and the Trustees of Anatolia College by Serge Hadji-Mihaloglou (35.6KB PDF)
Reviewed by Van Coufoudakis

The Asia Minor Catastrophe and the Ottoman Greek Genocide: Essays on Asia Minor, Pontos, and Eastern Thrace, 1912-1923 edited by George M. Shirinian (44.2KB PDF)
Reviewed by Elaine Thomopoulos

Turkey, the Jews and the Holocaust by Corry Guttstadt(46.1KB PDF)
Reviewed by Alice von Bieberstadt

Volume 4, Winter 2012-13


Editorial Foreword
By Dan Georgakas

The Eastern Mediterranean: The Times They Are A-Changing (882KB PDF)
By Charles J. Mouratides

Joint Declaration (26KB PDF)
By Archbishop Chrysostomos and Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger

The Advantages of Picking Low-Hanging Political Fruit (49KB PDF)
By Patrick Theros

Why Macedonia Matters (276KB PDF)
By Dr. Panayiotis Diamadis

The Parthenon Sculptures: The Cause for Reunification (483KB PDF)
By John Papaspanos

Emerging Voices of Greek America (71KB PDF)
By Alexos Angelo, Corinne Candilis, Andrew M. Pernokas, Anna Tsiotsia, and Aletha Vassilakis

Socrates NOW: Bringing It All Home (3.8MB PDF)
By Vicki James Yiannias

Book Review: The Genocide of the Ottoman Greeks edited by Tessa Hoffman, Matthias Bjornlund, and Vasileios Meichanetsidis(57KB PDF)
Reviewed by Dr. Constantine G. Hatzidimitriou

Volume 3, Winter 2011-12


Editorial Foreword
By Dan Georgakas

Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean: Strategic Location, Strategic Opportunities (169KB PDF)
By Dr. Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis

One Year to the Presidential Election: Has President Obama Met Expectations? (131KB PDF)
By Nick Larigakis

 Election Year Possibilities for Greek American Activism (158KB PDF)
By Dan Georgakas

 Modern Greek Studies at the University Level: Challenges and Opportunities (160KB PDF)
By Artemis Leontis

 Reflections After A Summer Trip to Cyprus (112KB PDF)
By Michael Savvas

The Pontian Genocide: From the Time of the Young Turks to the Advent of Mustafa Kemal (403KB PDF)
By Dr. Konstantinos Fotiadis

 The New Turkish General Staff and the Implications for Greek and Cypriot Security (196KB PDF)
By Dr. Harry Dinella

 Book Review: “The First Victory: Greece in the Second World War” by George C. Blytas (192KB PDF)
Reviewed by Dr. Alexandros K. Kyrou

Volume 2, Fall 2010, Number 1


By Gene Rossides

Cyprus in the Eye of the Storm (223 KB PDF)
By Gregory R. Copley

The Republic of Cyprus at 50 (158 KB PDF)
By Van Coufoudakis, Ph.D.

The Holocaust in Northern Greece: The Destruction of Sephardic Civilization (159 KB PDF)
By Dr. Harry Dinella

After the Treaty of Lisbon: Cyprus and the Direct Trade Issue in the European Union (291 KB PDF)
By Nicholas G. Karambelas, Esq.

Volume 1, Summer 2009, Number 1


By Gene Rossides

The Case for Cyprus Transforms as Turkey Abandons the West in Favor of an Alliance With Moscow (169KB PDF document)
By Gregory R. Copley

Cyprus: Destruction of Cultural Property in the Northern Part of Cyprus and Violations of International Law (791KB PDF document)
The Law Library of Congress, Report For Congress, April 2009
(LL File No. 2008-01356)

Apostolides v. Orams: An American Perspective (169KB PDF document)
By Nicholas G. Karambelas, Esq.