American Hellenic Institute


ahihouseAHI is located in an historic building we've named Hellenic House in the heart of Washington, D.C., just a few blocks from the White House. The move into Hellenic House is a big step into a bright future for the AHI. As a permanent home for the AHI and its affiliates, Hellenic House represents a renewed commitment that will take the AHI into the 21st century with the same vigor that has sustained it throughout the past two decades.

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American Hellenic Institute


The American Hellenic Institute, Inc. (AHI) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit tax-exempt business league. AHI and its affiliate organizations, the American Hellenic Institute Foundation (AHIF), and the AHI Business Network, a division of the AHI, are working together under one roof, to provide a joint program for strengthening United States relations with Greece and Cyprus and within the American Hellenic community.

Goals & Objectives

Through our headquarters building, Hellenic House, AHI and its affiliates pursue activities for the benefit of U.S. relations with Greece and Cyprus and Hellenic culture. The following are the objectives of AHI:

  • Organizing business conferences and providing information and contacts to the business communities of the U. S., Greece and Cyprus through our Hellenic House Business Center;
  • Organizing legislative conferences;
  • Strengthening and expanding the AHI Business Network; and
  • Attracting and developing young, talented people to become our future business and political leaders.



The American Hellenic Institute Foundation (AHIF) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt educational and research organization and is home to the first full-fledged think-tank devoted exclusively to the study of the critical issues confronting the Greek American community.

Goals & Objectives

To develop policies and practical programs that will advance the interests of the Hellenic community and United States relations with Greece and Cyprus.

Patterned after the major think-tanks in Washington—the American Enterprise Institute, the Brookings Institution and the Heritage Foundation—AHIF is working to shape public policy through a rigorous program of research, publications, seminars, conferences and Hellenic House Lecture Series. AHIF maintains a library and an information center.

AHIF has developed an active publications program. In 1998, AHIF published the well-received Truman Doctrine of Aid to Greece: A Fifty-Year Retrospective jointly with the prestigious Academy of Political Science (APS).

Since 1974, fourteen books and pamphlets on U.S. foreign policy and trade issues with Greece, Cyprus and Turkey were published. Publications include the Handbook on United States Relations with Greece and Cyprus, the American Hellenic Who’s Who, Doing Business in Greece, Modern Greeks by Costas Stassinopoulos, Greece’s Pivotal Role in World War II and Its Importance to the U.S. Today, Blood and Tears: Greece 1940-1949, by George C. Papavizas, and The United States & Cyprus: Double Standards and the Rule of Law.

In 2010, we also debuted new the documentary “Cyprus Still Divided: A U.S. Foreign Policy Failure” that aired on PBS and our landmark two-day conference marking the 50th anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus. In a historic first, AHI provided an address at the Hellenic Parliament’s Old “Senate” Chamber.

These publications, available to the public, were distributed to the U.S. Congress, the Executive Branch, Greek and Cypriot government officials, university libraries, domestic and Greek media, and to our members.

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In 2009, AHIF launched an Online AHIF Policy Journal. Each issue of the journal will generally contain a scholarly article and shorter articles, essays or briefing papers on policy issues, student notes and book reviews. Our goal is to provide a forum to promote the exchange of ideas and encourage a dialogue on United States relations with Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Southeastern Europe and the Middle East.

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The AHI Business Network is a division of AHI initiated in 1989 to reach out to the business experience of Greek Americans and to put it to work helping other Greek Americans. Its purpose is to share business information and contacts. Its concept is people helping people by sharing experience, knowledge and ideas. The Business Network is building a business and resource center at Hellenic House.

Goals & Objectives

To provide our members with the capability of networking with Greek American men and women.

What kind of Greek Americans? Energetic, enthusiastic, motivated, bright and ambitious—in other words, typical Greek Americans—entrepreneurs and professionals eager not only to make new contacts, but ready to help one another move up the ladder, tap into new markets, and share creative ideas.

AHI Business Network Activities

  • Network luncheons & receptions throughout the country;
  • Sponsoring specialized seminars; and
  • Providing the opportunity to make business contacts via the AHI Webnet.