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AHI Statement on the Visit of President Clinton to Greece
November 16, 1999 No. 38/99 (202) 785-8430

AHI Statement on the Visit of President Clinton to Greece

The November 19-20, 1999 visit of President Clinton to Greece comes at an auspicious moment in relations between the United States and Greece. On November 8, 1999, President Clinton stated that Greece was "a force for stability in the Eastern Mediterranean." For its part, Greece is a stable and lively democracy; its economy is prospering; it is the only country in the region that is a member of both NATO and the European Union.

The American Hellenic Institute (AHI) advocates the development of the strongest possible U.S. partnership and "special relationship" with Greece as in the best interests of the U.S. and Greece. In furtherance of this objective, AHI's senior officers led by AHI founder Eugene Rossides, are currently in Greece to present the inaugural AHI conference in Greece "U.S.-Greece Relations: The American Foreign Policy Process and the Role of Greek Americans."

President Clinton's visit to Greece provides the opportunity to make progress on important regional issues such as the Aegean and Cyprus. AHI believes that international law and moral justice are clear on both issues. AHI calls on the U.S. Administration to give the highest priority to these principles. They accord both with American interests and American values.

AHI looks forward to a successful outcome to President Clinton's visit and congratulates the American and Greek peoples on this historic occasion.