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AHI Public Policy Consultant on National Television
April 14, 1999 No. 17/99 (202) 785-8430

AHI Public Policy Consultant on National Television

As the Kosovo crisis has unfolded, AHI has sought to express its concerns about the NATO action and its implications for U.S. interests. On April 2, 1999 we sent a letter to President Clinton on "NATO's Bombing of Yugoslavia: Double Standards toward Turkey." On April 8, 1999 this was forwarded to the entire membership of the US Congress.

We are also pleased to announce that Jonathan Clarke, AHI's public policy consultant, has appeared on several occasions on national television shows, including MSNBC, Fox Cable News, and CBS. He has also participated as a panelist in public discussions of the Kosovo crisis such as at Georgetown University on April 13, 1999.

These appearances have enabled us to draw attention to the potentially negative implications for U.S. interests inherent in NATO's actions and also to highlight the double standard in the U.S. action arising from NATO's failure to take action against Turkey over the Kurds and Cyprus.