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Statement of Eugene Rossides on Cyprus Chapter in Henry Kissinger's Years of Renewal
March 23, 1999 No. 12/99 (202) 785-8430

Statement of Eugene Rossides on Cyprus Chapter in Henry Kissinger's Years of Renewal

Eugene Rossides, AHI General Counsel, today issued the following statement on the chapter on Cyprus contained in Henry Kissinger's new book Years of Renewal:

Henry Kissinger's chapter on Cyprus in Years of Renewal is a transparent attempt to cover-up his violation of U.S. laws, his incompetence in dealing with the Cyprus problem in 1974, and his responsibility for the Cyprus tragedy.

The chapter's rambling, disjointed 47 pages of text have a defensive quality to them, as though Kissinger's main purpose is not to give an accurate account of events but to salvage his own reputation. The chapter contains serious errors and deliberate omissions of fact. Kissinger attempts to shift the blame for the Cyprus tragedy to others, particularly President Makarios of Cyprus and the Congress. In his conclusion to the chapter Kissinger incredibly claims success in keeping NATO intact.

The Cyprus chapter reveals Kissinger's lack of belief in American values, the rule of law, and his disdain for Congress. The Cyprus tragedy was directly caused by Kissinger's deliberate failure to apply U.S. laws to Turkey.

Kissinger's actions and intentional inactions were the proximate cause of the more than one thousand deaths, including 5 Americans murdered while in the custody of the Turkish armed forces and Turkish Cypriot militia, the 180,000 refugees and the bombings and destruction caused by the Turkish air and ground forces illegally using American supplied arms.

I predict that Kissinger's attempt to rewrite the 1974 history of Cyprus will fail."