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AHI Letter To Washington Times About Armenian Genocide
October 19, 2000 No. 50/00 (202) 785-8430

AHI Letter To Washington Times About Armenian Genocide

On October 18, 2000 Eugene T Rossides sent the following letter to the Washington Times about the Armenian genocide. The letter congratulates the Washington Times as the first major Washington newspaper to recognize the reality of the Armenian Genocide.

"Congratulations on your editorial "Genocide by no other name" (Washington Times October 12, 2000) about the Armenian genocide resolution. Finally a major Washington newspaper "tells it like it is" regarding the Armenian Genocide. You make an important point when you say that those who deny past atrocities "often perpetuate a cycle of violence."

Your criticism of the Clinton administration's opposition to the resolution is also well taken. The spectacle of senior Administration personnel defending Turkey's holocaust denial has not been an edifying one. It is particularly disturbing that State Department officials are apparently ready to kow-tow to Turkey's threats and bluster.

Our one area of disagreement with your editorial is your description of Turkey as a "valuable ally." Were this the case, Turkey would not be reacting as it is today. Threats to deny U.S. aircraft access to Incirlik airbase, to cancel commercial contacts, to provide succor in the form of new links with Saddam Hussein: these do not strike me as the behavior of an ally, let alone one in whom the U.S. can place any value."