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AHIPAC Sends Greek American Issues Questionnaire To House And Senate Candidates
July 21, 2000 No. 38/00 (202) 785-8430

AHIPAC Sends Greek American Issues Questionnaire To House And Senate Candidates

On July 21, 2000 the American Hellenic Institute Public Affairs Committee (AHIPAC) sent a letter and questionnaire to all candidates for the November 2000 House and Senate elections.

The questionnaire (which may be downloaded from the AHI Web site here) seeks candidates' answers to the following questions:

1. Greece

Will you support legislation calling on the Administration to form a "special relationship" with Greece in accordance with Greece's status as the key regional nation for U.S. interests?

2. The Aegean

Will you support legislation in the 107th Congress expressing the Sense of Congress that the water boundaries established in the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923 and the 1932 Convention between Italy and Turkey, including the Protocol annexed to such Convention, are the borders between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean and that any party, including Turkey, objecting to these established boundaries should seek redress in the International Court of Justice at The Hague?

3. Cyprus

Do you support upholding the rule of law in Cyprus and the peaceful establishment of a constitutional democracy for Cyprus based on a bizonal, bicommumnal federation and normal democratic principles?

4. Demilitarization of Cyprus

Do you support demilitarization of Cyprus as proposed by President Glafcos Clerides of Cyprus and the Congress in H.Con.Res. 81 and S.Con.Res. 41?

5 Turkey

So long as Turkey continues its violations of international law and human rights and to encourage Turkish compliance with the EU conditions, will you co-sponsor or support legislation in the 107th Congress to:

  1. Mandate the Administration to produce quarterly reports to Congress on Turkey's compliance or otherwise with these conditions?
  2. Mandate the Administration to undertake a critical review of U.S. policy toward Turkey?
  3. Ban the transfer or sale of U.S. arms to Turkey
  4. Remove Normal Trade Relations status from Turkey?

6. Orthodox Patriarchate

Do you agree that the U.S. should use its influence with the Turkish government to ensure the proper protection for the Patriarchate, assure that positive steps are taken to reopen the Halki Patriarchal School of Theology, and to establish conditions to ensure religious freedom in Turkey?

7. Albania

Would you support hearings on the issue of Albania's treatment of its minorities?

AHIPAC Chairman Nick Chimicles stated:

"This questionnaire includes a comprehensive range of issues of interest to the Greek American community. It represents an important initiative for the first Congressional elections of the new century. AHIPAC will collate the answers to this questionnaire and convey them to its members throughout the nation. I urge all AHIPAC members and the Greek American community in general to contact the candidates in their district to encourage them to complete the questionnaire."