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AHIF Announces Its Newest Publication— Blood & Tears: Greece 1940-1949
October 16, 2002 No. 49/02 (202) 785-8430

AHIF Announces Its Newest Publication—
Blood & Tears: Greece 1940-1949

WASHINGTON, DC -- The American Hellenic Institute Foundation's newest title, Blood and Tears: Greece 1940-1949, by George C. Papavizas, is a powerful autobiography set in the turbulent decade of 1940s Greece. Through the eyes of the author, then an impressionable and intelligent young man who came of age in a time of world war, foreign occupation, resistance, and civil war, we witness the tragedy and trauma suffered by an entire nation.

While uniquely personal, this is also the story of the thousands of young Greek men and women cast unwillingly into the ambivalences and horrors of World War II and Greece's civil war. Against a rigorously researched backdrop of the key historical events, we see youthful idealism being forcibly reconciled to the realities of hunger, brutality, dissension and death. With a keen eye for detail, Papavizas reflects on the mundane as well as the profound while chronicling the decade during which Greece patriotically fended off foreign invasion, survived years of harsh occupation, then tragically succumbed to the blandishments of utopians.

The author's descriptions are vivid and convincing. John O. Iatrides, Professor of International Politics at Southern Connecticut State University and Executive Director of the Modern Greek Studies Association, says: "I know of no other publication in English which captures so well the human drama of Greece during the terrible decade of the 1940s."

Blood and Tears: Greece 1940-1949 is in hard cover, 335 pages plus a 16-page photo insert. The book sells for $30 plus $3 for postage and handling. AHI members receive a 25% discount ($22.50 plus $3 postage).

AHIF's newest publication can be ordered online (click here) or by printing out and completing the PDF format book order form (click here) and submitting it to:

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