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AHI Commemorates the 63rd Anniversary of "OXI" Day
October 27, 2003 No. 50 (202) 785-8430

AHI Commemorates the 63rd Anniversary of "OXI" Day

WASHINGTON DC—The American Hellenic Institute commemorates the 63d Anniversary of Greece’s refusal on October 28th 1940 to surrender to Mussolini’s Italian fascist government. Greece’s heroic resistance played a pivotal role in the ultimate victory of the Allied Forces in World War II.

In the Introduction of AHIF’s 2001 publication Greece’s Pivotal Role in World War II and its Importance to the U.S. Today, Retired General and Former Supreme Commander of NATO Andrew J. Goodpaster, states:

"As the years pass, it becomes more and more necessary to recall and record for new generations just how the people of Greece, alone or with allies, gained and held for their country for a century and more the independence and democracy it possesses today—and how in one special moment in history Greece at heavy cost and sacrifice and with great courage and determination played a pivotal role in World War II in defying the forces of tyranny and Axis aggression that were arrayed against not only Greece but the whole of Western civilization. It is an inspiring history." (emphasis added)

"Never to be forgotten is the valiant role of Greece against the Axis nations that were on the march in Europe. Brought into the war by Mussolini’s attack in October 1940—at a time when Britain stood alone against the Axis partners—Greek forces in defense of their homeland brought the Italian forces to a standstill, and in fact threw them well back into Albania by the end of the year. When Hitler, to support his humiliated partner, launched his attack against Yugoslavia and Greece in April 1941, he did so with massive forces that were capable and sufficient to overwhelm the Greek and supporting British forces. The delay that resulted, however, is widely held to have been a vital factor tipping the scale against decisive victory by Hitler in Russia."

Greece’s Pivotal Role in World War II and its Importance to the U.S. Today provides an in-depth historical analysis of the political, military and geopolitical dimensions of Greece’s contribution to the Allied forces during World War II and explains its importance to U.S. interests today.

AHIF’s publication is available for purchase for $18 which includes postage and handling. For additional information please contact Angeliki Vassiliou at (202) 785-8430 or at For general information about the activities of AHI, please see our Web site at

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