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AHI Executive Director Visits Souda Bay Crete
September 26, 2006—No. 71 (202) 785-8430

AHI Executive Director Visits Souda Bay Crete

WASHINGTON, DC—On August 30, 2006, during his final days of vacationing in Greece, AHI Executive Director Nick Larigakis visited the 115 Hellenic Air Force Base at Souda Bay, Crete. The visit was arranged by Major Apostolos Gkletsos of the Hellenic Air Force, a former F-16 pilot and now the Chief Security Officer at the Hellenic Air Base at Souda Bay.

During his visit Mr. Larigakis had the opportunity to meet with the Base Commander of the Hellenic Air Base, Col. Ioannis Kondoyiannis.

In addition to receiving a tour of the Hellenic Airbase, Mr. Larigakis was given a briefing and tour of the American sector, known as the U.S. Naval Support Activity, by the Executive Assistant, Bruce D. Gale.

“The American Hellenic Institute has long stated that the military base at Souda Bay is one of the most important military bases in Europe and the most important in the Southeastern Mediterranean region. Also, the AHI believes that this base is of paramount importance and invaluable for the projection of U.S. strategic interests in the region. This visit has helped me to more fully appreciate and understand the importance of Souda Bay. I thank all those persons who helped to make this visit possible,” said Larigakis.


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