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The Washington Times Prints AHI Letter to Editor on Editorial “Pelosi’s pandering against Turkey”
February 28, 2007—No. 13 (202) 785-8430

The Washington Times Prints AHI Letter to Editor on Editorial “Pelosi’s pandering against Turkey”

Washington, DC—On February 28, 2007, The Washington Times published AHI Executive Director Nick Larigakis’ letter to the editor, on page A18, responding to The Washington Times editorial “Pelosi’s pandering against Turkey.” The text of the letter appears below. Please note thatThe Washington Times edited out the following text from Nick Larigakis’ letter to the editor, “Doesn’t your own paper have almost on a weekly basis an article by Tulin Daloglu, a Turkish columnist, who writes on Turkey. Is this for the benefit of your readers?”

Remember the Armenians

The editorial "Pelosi's pandering against Turkey" (Feb. 20) includes numerous inaccuracies. For example, the first paragraph incorrectly states that Turkey "is a democracy."

But really, is this all for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to "score some cheap political points and win additional votes," as you claim? Didn't the Democrats win the Congress? Mrs. Pelosi needs to be congratulated for her support of House Resolution 106 calling for the recognition of the Armenian genocide. Does the editorial board of The Washington Times consider it a waste of time to bring attention to an atrocity committed against a people that cries out for justice, if only in the form of recognition?

Failure to acknowledge the Armenian genocide mirrors those nations and individuals who do not acknowledge the Jewish Holocaust. After all, wasn't it Adolf Hitler who said: "Who remembers the Armenians?" The passage of time or political expediency should never be used as proper justification for any country, especially that of the United States, to compromise our democratic values, principles or moral obligations. It's a recipe for future atrocities to occur.

The editorial suggests that support of this resolution would hinder relations with Turkey a NATO ally and "damage our current ability to maintain Turkey's cooperation in stabilizing Iraq..." What cooperation?

While I'm not privy to any so-called behind the scenes support, it is a fact that Turkey's refusal to provide the use of its territory during the invasion of Iraq is only one example where it has displayed a behavior that is not consistent with that of "an ally of long standing" as the article states. There are many more examples.

Turkey's interests in Iraq are to marginalize the Kurds and to control the oil-rich area of Kirkuk. U.S. interests are to keep peace and stability in a very volatile region.

U.S. interests can best be served by the achieving the goals of genuine democratic freedoms, political stability and economic progress in Turkey. It would be good for Turkey; good for Turkey's neighbors; and good for U.S. interests.

Executive Director 
American Hellenic Institute 


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