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AHI Noon Forum on “Energy in South-East Europe”
March 1, 2007—No. 14 (202) 785-8430

AHI Noon Forum on “Energy in South-East Europe”

WASHINGTON, DC—On February 20, 2007, AHI hosted a Noon Forum on “Energy in South-East Europe” presented by Dr. Achilles Adamantiades, Consultant, Energy and the Environment.

In his presentation Dr. Adamantiades highlighted points on energy, environment, economics and politics. He spoke of resource endowment, energy networks and the road ahead for South-East Europe. Please find Dr. Adamantiades presentation at the following link: (22 MB)

Dr. Achilles Adamantiades was born in 1934 in Volos, Greece. He attended elementary and high school there and went to Athens for college education. He holds a degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the Ethnikon Metsovion Polytechnion of Athens (1957) and a Ph. D. in Nuclear Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, of Cambridge, MA (1966). He has had a long professional career in academia, research and development, industry, and world economic development. He has taught at Iowa State University, the University of Patras, and George Washington University. From 1974 to 1984 he worked with the Electric Power Research Institute in Washington and Palo Alto, California, where he managed several research and development projects in nuclear safety and held the position of Consulting Associate Professor at Stanford Univ. Starting in 1986, Dr. Adamantiades worked for the World Bank in preparing, appraising, and supervising power and energy projects in a large number of countries. He has authored and co-authored three major technical books and over fifty technical publications and is fluent in several foreign languages. He is married with two children; he holds dual citizenship of the USA and Greece. He is currently working on a few assignments for the World Bank and private clients on energy and environment issues. Dr. Adamantiades is also the Executive Secretary of the Archdiocesan Advisory Committee on Science and Technology advising Archbishop Demetrios on related matters.

A photograph from this event is attached.


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