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AHI Meets with Pennsylvania Congressman, Joe Sestak
May 1, 2008—No. 30 (202) 785-8430

AHI Meets with Pennsylvania Congressman, Joe Sestak

On April 19, 2008 a meeting was held with Pennsylvania Congressman, Joe Sestak (D), in Media, Pennsylvania, at the Congressman’s District office.

This important meeting was arranged by long-time AHI member and supporter, Paul Kotrotsios. Attending the meeting with Mr. Kotrotsios was his daughter, Stavroula, a sophomore student at Villanova University and AHI Executive Director, Nick Larigakis. The meeting stemmed from an exchange of correspondence between Mr. Kotrotsios and Congressman Sestak on matters regarding U.S. relations with Greece.

The meeting provided an opportunity to brief Congressman Sestak on a number of issues of concern to the Greek American community, and more specifically on issues regarding U.S. relations with Greece and Cyprus. A large focus of the discussion also centered on the recent FYROM name issue.

Congressman Sestak indicated that it is not his policy to sponsor legislation of a foreign policy nature, but indicated that he supported our position regarding the FYROM name issue.

“This meeting was extremely important in establishing a dialogue with Congressman Sestak on a number of our issues and to inform him on our positions. There is no substitute for having constituents arrange for meetings with their Member of Congress in their home districts. This is the best way to effectively communicate our message and to have our positions seriously considered. I especially want to thank Paul Kotrotsios in taking the time to arrange this meeting, “said AHI Executive Director, Nick Larigakis.

Due to the Congressman’s time constraints, he asked that a meeting be convened in Washington at a later date to further follow-up the discussion.

Please see attached photo of the meeting.


L-R: Nick Larigakis, Stavroula Kotrotsios, Congressman Joe Sestak (D-PA) and Paul Kotrotsios.



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