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U.S. Ambassador Designated to Turkey, James Jeffrey, Visits Hellenic House
November 19, 2008—No. 77 (202) 785-8430

U.S. Ambassador Designated to Turkey, James Jeffrey, Visits Hellenic House

WASHINGTON, DC—On November 17, 2008, the new U.S. Ambassador Designated to Turkey, James Jeffrey, visited the American Hellenic Institute’s Hellenic House. He was accompanied by the Senior Turkey Desk Officer, Denise Marsh and the Senior Greece Desk Officer, Adam Scarlatelli. While at Hellenic House, Ambassador Jeffrey met with members of the AHI leadership, including AHI Chairman James Marketos, AHI President Gene Rossides, AHI Legal Counsel Nick Karambelas, AHI Executive Director Nick Larigakis, and AHI staff.

The primary topic of discussion centered on Ecumenical Patriarch and religious freedom in Turkey. Other major issues discussed regarded the Aegean, Cyprus, relations between the U.S. and Greece, the U.S. and Turkey, property law in Turkey, and the Rule of Law.

Prior to being appointed U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, James Jeffrey served as the Deputy National Security Advisor. In 1977 he joined the Foreign Service and served as Deputy Chief of Mission to Ankara, Kuwait, Tunis, Sofia, Munich, and Adana. Ambassador Jeffrey has also served as the Senior Greek Desk Officer and as Deputy Presidential Special Advisor for Bosnia.

“We were honored to have Ambassador Jeffrey visit Hellenic House. We also appreciated very much the candid discussion. We look forward to working with the Ambassador in the pursuit of advancing U.S. interests abroad, including the Rule of Law and fundamental principals of democracy,” said Nick Larigakis.


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