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AHIF Launches It’s First Issue of the AHIF Online Policy Journal
July 24, 2009—No. 56 (202) 785-8430

AHIF Launches It’s First Issue of the AHIF Online Policy Journal


WASHINGTON, DC—The American Hellenic Institute Foundation (AHIF) is pleased to bring to you its first online AHIF Policy Journal issue.

“The purpose of the online Journal is to offer a forum for our readers, including the members of Congress and other government officials, by which they can examine issues concerning the United States, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey in that is more comprehensive and detailed than many of our traditional press releases and letters.” wrote Gene Rossides in the Foreword.

The Summer 2009 issue includes the Foreword by Gene Rossides; the articleThe Case for Cyprus Transforms as Turkey Abandons the West in Favor of an Alliance With Moscow” by Gregory R. Copley; the April 2009 Report for Congress by The Law Library of CongressCyprus: Destruction of Cultural Property in the Northern Part of Cyprus and Violations of International Law” (LL File No. 2008-01356); and the article “Apostolides v. Orams: An American Perspective” by Nicholas G. Karambelas, Esq.

The AHIF Policy Journal invites authors to submit articles on recent policy and historical developments that affect U.S. relations with Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. Authors are encouraged to submit completed articles to C. Franciscos Economides via email at:

For submission guidelines and publishing information please visit our Web site at: or following the link from the AHI website



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