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AHI President Participates at Marine Corps Executive Forum
September 7, 2012—No. 55 (202) 785-8430

AHI President Participates at Marine Corps Executive Forum

WASHINGTON, DC —American Hellenic Institute (AHI) President Nick Larigakis participated at the Marine Corps Executive Forum (MCEF), July 13, 2012. Hosted by the Commandant of the Marine Corps or his direct General Officer Representative, this one-day program allows senior business leaders from a diverse cross-section of industry to familiarize themselves with the Marine Corps' key interests and initiatives, while meeting with senior officials at the Pentagon and Quantico and examining Marine Corps operations throughout the world.

“My experience at the Marine Corps Executive Forum was truly an amazing and unique one,” said Larigakis. “I gained an increased awareness about the workings of the Marine Corps and a deep appreciation for how invaluable it is to the defense of our country. I look forward to sharing what I gained from the program with my colleagues in the Greek American community.”

MCEF participants included senior leaders from the business community, community leaders, public opinion leaders, and representatives from academia and the news media.

“I would also like to thank the director of the Marine Corps Executive Forum, Lieutenant Colonel Peter Markakos of the U.S. Marine Corps, who invited me to attend this worthwhile program. He did an excellent job serving as the program’s leader for the day.”

The attendees of the Marine Corps’ Executive Forum at the Marine Corps Memorial.

Nick Larigakis and Lieutenant Colonel Peter S. Markakos, Director of the Marine Corps’ Executive Forum.

At the Pentagon briefing room.

The attendees with the Marine Corps Commandant, General James F. Amos.

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