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Statement on ECHR Judgment in Cyprus v. Turkey
May 19, 2014—No. 30 (202) 785-8430

Statement on ECHR Judgment in Cyprus v. Turkey

WASHINGTON, DC — The American Hellenic Institute statement on the European Court of Human Rights’ May 12, 2014 judgment that has ordered Turkey to compensate 90 million Euro in damages to the victims of its 1974 invasion of the Republic of Cyprus (CYPRUS v. TURKEY).

“The American Hellenic Institute praises the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights and shares the views of many who declared it an unprecedented ruling by the Court.

“The judgment is yet another indictment of Turkey’s violation of international law and the rule of law when it illegally invaded the Republic of Cyprus forty years ago this July.  Today, Turkey, a NATO nation, continues to illegally occupy the Republic of Cyprus, a member nation of the European Union, a body to which Turkey claims it aspires to join. 

“The judgment sends a clear message about adhering to the rule of law in Europe.  In typical Turkey fashion, Turkey has ignored this message.  The Turkish government has indicated it will not pay the compensation to the victims of its brutal invasion of a sovereign country that killed innocent civilians, left nearly 1,500 persons missing, raped women, forced Greek Cypriots from their homes and property, and committed mass destruction of property, including churches. Again, Turkey ignores its responsibilities to the international community.”

To read the ECHR judgment, click here.

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