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Leading American Hellenic, American Jewish Groups to Embark on Leadership Mission to Greece, Cyprus, and Israel
January 7, 2016—No. 01 (202) 785-8430

Leading American Hellenic, American Jewish Groups to Embark on Leadership Mission to Greece, Cyprus, and Israel

Joint Delegation on Historic Three-Country Trip: Jan. 10 to 19 

WASHINGTON, DC — In an initiative that represents the ongoing organizational cooperation between the American Hellenic and American Jewish communities, the American Hellenic Institute (AHI), a Greek American public policy center and think tank; the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), a leading membership-based grassroots association for American citizens of Hellenic heritage and Philhellenes; B’nai B’rith International, a worldwide Jewish community service organization widely known as one of the world's most influential humanitarian, human rights and advocacy organizations; and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, a central coordinating body for American Jewry, representing 52 national Jewish agencies from across the political and religious spectrums; will embark on their second Leadership Mission comprised of 12 community leaders to Israel, Cyprus, and Greece. The trip begins Jan. 10, 2016, in Jerusalem, Israel; continues in Nicosia, Cyprus, Jan. 13 to 14, 2016; and concludes in Athens, Greece, Jan. 14 to 19, 2016.

AHI will be represented on the trip by President Nick Larigakis and Board Member Aleco Haralambides.

The strategic relationship between Greece, Cyprus, and Israel has evolved, helping to lend stability to the eastern Mediterranean region. This is evident in a Trilateral Summit that will be held by the three countries later this month.  How can American Hellenic and American Jewish communities enhance their contributions to the development of this trilateral relationship? The delegation of American Hellenic and American Jewish community leaders aims to explore the major political, economic (business and tourism), and security developments underway in the eastern Mediterranean with high-ranking government officials from each of the three countries and visits to military installations.  The joint 12-member delegation also represents broad Diaspora support for the trilateral relationship.   

The American Hellenic Institute is a non-profit Greek American think-tank and public policy center that works to strengthen relations between the United States and Greece and Cyprus, and within the Greek American community.



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