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January 18, 2017—No. 02 (202) 785-8430

AHI Foundation Receives Major Gift from E. John & Cleo Rumpakis of Portland, Oregon

AHI’s Foundation Library to be Rededicated in their Honor

WASHINGTON, DC – The American Hellenic Institute Foundation (AHIF) is pleased to announce it is the recipient of a $175,000 gift from E. John and Cleo Rumpakis of Portland, Ore.

2017EJohnandCleoRumpakisE. John and Cleo Rumpakis of Portland, Ore.

The donation, which was made in December 2016, is one of the largest gifts received by AHIF, and will go toward AHI’s Foundation Library in Hellenic House, according to AHI President Nick Larigakis.  AHI’s Foundation Library will be rededicated and named in honor of E. John and Cleo Rumpakis, he added.

“We are deeply grateful to E. John and Cleo Rumpakis for their very generous gift to the American Hellenic Institute Foundation,” President Larigakis said. “Their gift will enhance the Foundation’s ability to be a resource for the community.  Thanks to the immense generosity of the Rumpakises, we will now be able to properly catalog, restore and present the more than 1,000 volumes, archival materials and historical documents in our possession, thereby creating a remarkable library that will serve the community as one of the most unique collections on Greece, Cyprus and the southeast Mediterranean.”

“Over the years, AHI has proven it holds true to the rule of law, especially to the principle that no one, or nation, is above it,” E. John Rumpakis said. “AHI actively engages with Congress, the White House and State Department, keeping them informed and updated on policy developments. AHI has earned their respect and is a proven resource through the Institute’s programs.”

The Rumpakises added the AHI Foundation helps to educate the youth about the civic and political processes through internships and raises awareness of Hellenism through seminars and conferences throughout the world. They also cited their longstanding relationship with AHI as a viable and stable organization through its strong leadership as a reason for the gift to the AHI Foundation.

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