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AHIF is pleased to bring the Spring 2015 Issue of the AHIF Online Policy Journal
February 2, 2015—No. 04 (202) 785-8430

AHIF is pleased to bring the Spring 2015 Issue of the AHIF Online Policy Journal

WASHINGTON, DC—The American Hellenic Institute Foundation (AHIF) announces the sixth volume release of its Spring 2015 Online Policy Journal.

“With this issue, we again seek to enhance the quality of American foreign policy regarding the eastern Mediterranean, particularly Greece and Cyprus. Our essayists combine historic analysis with recent events and place them in broad cultural contexts,” said Dan Georgakas, editor of the Online Policy journal and Director of the Greek American Studies Project, Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Queens College (CUNY). “We believe key factors in enriching American policies are the activities of the Greek community and its allies, and we seek to empower them in whatever way we can. We think it especially important to work with Greek Americans still at the onset of their careers. In all our endeavors, we advocate the need for a commitment to the principle of Rule by Law coupled with a commitment to rendering an authentic historic record stripped of ethnocentric bias.”

In addition to the Foreword by Mr. Georgakas, the AHIF Online Policy Journal provides expert commentary and analysis. Here is a list of the articles.

  • Vice President Biden’s Trip to Cyprus: A Lost Opportunity? by Seth Cropsey and George Papadopoulos
  • The Expanding Strategic Significance of Souda Bay by Harry Dinella
  • The Un-mixing of Peoples: The 1923 Treaty of Lausanne and Nation-Building in the Ottoman Empire and Beyond by Alexandra Karambelas
  • Kapodistrias and the Making of Modern Europe and Modern Greece by Patrick Theros
  • Greeks in Ukraine: From Ancient to Modern Times by Svitlana Arabadzhy

Emerging Voices of Greek America

  • Never on Sunday: Retail Therapy Not the Answer to Greece’s Woes by Corinne Candilis
  • Technology, Art, Orthodoxy and Hellenism by Konstantine Buhler
  • Art, Politics, and Ethnic Identity by Konstantina M. Karageorgos
  • Dialogos Radio: A Dialogue with my Hellenic Heritage by Michael Nevradakis

Book Reviews

  • Hidden Genocides: Power, Knowledge, Memory edited by Alexander Laban Hinton, Thomas La Pointe, and Douglas Irvin-Erickson reviewed by Constantine G. Hatzidimitriou
  • The Balkan Prospect: Identity, Culture, and Politics in Greece after 1989 by Vangelis Calotychos reviewed by Andronikos Falangas

The AHIF Policy Journal invites authors to submit articles on recent policy and historical developments that affect U.S. relations with Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. Authors are encouraged to submit completed articles to Yola Pakhchanian via email at:

For submission guidelines and publishing information please visit our Web site at: or following the link from the AHI website at

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