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Monograph Published by Hudson Institute Demonstrates Importance of Eastern Mediterranean
April 28, 2015—No. 22 (202) 785-8430

Monograph Published by Hudson Institute Demonstrates Importance of Eastern Mediterranean

WASHINGTON, DC — The American Hellenic Institute (AHI) welcomes a monograph published by the Hudson Institute titled, “U.S. Policy and the Strategic Relationship of Greece, Cyprus, and Israel: Power Shifts in the Eastern Mediterranean” by Seth Cropsey, director, Center for American Seapower. The monograph is the culmination of Hudson Institute’s work on a project centered on research conducted for the past year and a half about security in the eastern Mediterranean, specifically energy security.

“We welcome the monograph published by the Hudson Institute and applaud the organization for its very thorough research and overall body of work,” AHI President Nick Larigakis said. “The monograph must be distributed broadly as it confirms and reinforces just how important the eastern Mediterranean region has become for United States interests. AHI is proud to have been a strong supporter of the Hudson Institute’s work on the project from the beginning.”

According to the monograph’s executive summary the reason for the focus on security in the eastern Mediterranean is the discovery of natural gas off the coasts of Cyprus and Israel. The content of the monograph includes: “Subjects of special attention include both Cyprus and Israel’s roles in the Eastern Mediterranean energy corridor; the potential for the Eastern Mediterranean’s energy trade with the E.U.; and the political, energy, and security cooperation between Cyprus, Israel, and Greece against the backdrop of Turkey’s embrace of Islamist and jihadist movements in the Middle East as well as other related developments since large natural gas deposits were discovered.”

Hudson’s work in preparation for the publication of the monograph included a policy conference held October 2013, at which AHI participated; and several commentaries that analyzed developments in the eastern Mediterranean. Hudson researchers also travelled overseas to meet with policymakers from Greece, Cyprus, and Israel.

Larigakis added the next step will be to organize a congressional briefing or public policy roundtable on Capitol Hill based upon the research and analysis conducted by the Hudson Institute that led to monograph’s publication.


For Background

A former participant on the AHI Foundation College Student Foreign Policy Study Trip, George Papadopoulos, became associated with Hudson Institute. In his capacity with Hudson, Papadopoulos reached out to AHI about the project given his knowledge of AHI’s interest in the emergence of the trilateral relationship between Greece, Cyprus, and Israel and the relationship’s importance to United States strategic interests in the region.

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