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AHIF Releases Spring 2016 Issue of its Online Policy Journal
February 5, 2016—No. 02 (202) 785-8430

AHIF Releases Spring 2016 Issue of its Online Policy Journal

WASHINGTON, DC —The American Hellenic Institute Foundation (AHIF) announces the sixth volume release of its Spring 2016 Online Policy Journal.

The policy journal of the American Hellenic Institute is a forum for commentary and scholarship on issues of vital importance to Greek Americans. This particular issue probes recent developments in Cyprus, the historical atrocities committed by Turkey, and the dynamics of Greek America. Our contributors do not propose prescriptive agendas for others to follow but perspectives to be considered when planning activities regarding the foreign and domestic policies most relevant to Greek Americans.

In addition to the Foreword by Dan Georgakas, editor of the Online Policy journal and Director of the Greek American Studies Project, Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Queens College (CUNY), the AHIF Online Policy Journal provides expert commentary and analysis. Here is a list of the articles.

“The UN Mediation on Cyprus Rejects the Outcome of the 2004 Referendum” by Van Coufoudakis

“Governmental and Parliamentary Recognition of the Genocides of the Armenians, Assyrians and Hellenes” by Panayiotis Diamadis

“The Great Fire: Prologue” by Lou Ureneck

“The Japanese at Smyrna: September 1922” by Stavros T. Stavridis

“Greek America: The Next Fifty Years” by Dan Georgakas

“Teaching ‘Greek American Culture’” by Vassilis Lambropoulos

Emerging Voices of Greek America

“Why Should Greeks Study Greek-American History?” By Kristen Pitou

“Recapturing the Spirt of Hellenism” by Elias Gerasoulis

“Cultivating Hellenism in Greek American Youth” by Antonis Mikalis

Book Reviews

Greek Americans: Struggle and Success by Peter C. Moskos and Charles C. Moskos 
Reviewed by Elaine Thomopoulos 

Cypriot Cinemas: Memory, Conflict, and Identity in the Margins of Europe edited by Costas Constandinides and Yiannis Papadakis
Reviewed by Vicki James Yiannias

Atatürk in the Nazi Imagination by Stefan Ihrig
Reviewed by Steven Bowman

The AHIF Policy Journal invites authors to submit articles on recent policy and historical developments that affect U.S. relations with Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. Authors are encouraged to submit completed articles to Yola Pakhchanian via email at:

For submission guidelines and publishing information please visit our Web site at: or following the link from the AHI website at



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